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STUREC© Windows Ver2019 Monday October 14th 2019   
View entire change log.    The license year for v2019-20 begins September 1, 2019. The cost for all licenses for year 2019-20 will remain $500. Your district will be invoiced within 30 days of your first download for the new year. If you need a PO, be sure to get it before downloading.

Save the installer file (sr04new.exe) into your \Sturec folder. If your downloader won't tell you where it is saving the file, call your friendly IT person to fix that. Or do it yourself with this helpful link. How to fix my browser
LEA #:     Your district will be billed within 30 days.
Auto Installer (sr04new.exe) <- Same name, no change to icon
Click this button to download the 2019-20 update file.
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