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Preparing for an Audit

The boss just walked in and said "The ISD just called, they are going to be here next week to audit our FTE report." Quick, what do you do? No, you can panic later. Let's get down to work.

Remember, we said that doing FTE is a "process". It's a whole bunch of tasks that you do over a period of time that make an easy and successful FTE report. Here, we are going to review these various "tasks" then you can check to make sure that you have done each one correctly. These are listed more-or-less in the order that they should be performed.

  • Make sure that your enrollment periods are set-up correctly. The correct Type, correct beginning date, correct Count Date and ending date. 

  • Make sure that your classes are correctly set-up with the correct meeting days. Be careful of the correct Starting Date, Count Date and End Date. The Repeats is governed by the Type of enrollment period. Print out a Class Status report from Menu:5.3. before you start enrolling students to make sure you have all of your classes set-up correctly. Be sure that you accurately count the total number of days that the class will meet. Make sure that the hours per meeting and particularly the Total Class Hours is correct. This is the basis for correctly calculating the FTE value for the class.

  • Be careful when enrolling your student schedules. Pay particular attention to the real or actual date the student enrolled or signed-up. STUREC(c) will default the enrollment date to the current date. If you are "catching-up" on your data entry and actually create the record in the computer after the Count Date and don't catch the date thing, you will not be able to count the student for FTE or on the SRSD report.

  • Stay on top of your attendance. With accurately entered attendance STUREC(c) will be able to do most of everything else for you.

  • Audit your students. Before you begin this process, you may want to print out the Student Worksheet found at Menu:8.2.

  • Create a Bedsheet Printfile at Menu:8.4.

  • Go to Menu:8.10.Local Audit Checklist and for PUPils, run reports 1 thru 6. For PARticipants do the same except you do not need number 2.

  • Take the stack of paper generated by this effort and a cup of coffee, put this in the same room with the auditor and politely say "I'll be right outside if you need me."

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