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Creating Regular Classes

STUREC© uses the term Class when referring to an instructional setting and all of it's administrative attributes. This is significantly different than the term Course, which STUREC© uses to identify a specific curriculum (or body of knowledge to be taught).

While the mechanics of entering Class setup data into STUREC© are fairly simple, that DOES NOT mean this process can be taken lightly, or done hap-hazardly. Incorrectly configured classes and/or Course Catalogs can cause real problems for you down the road, such as significant loss of funding. With a little fore-thought and proper planning, however, the process will be quick and trouble-free.

    Dr. Bob's advice: The data-entry person should work from documents containing class schedule/setup approved by the program director.

The Procedure:

Before creating a Class setup record, you must have already created your Master Course Catalog.

Suppose you will be offering a traditional (half-credit) HSC English class (Course 2111) that runs 60 hours per semester, 9am-10am, Monday thru Thursday, from 08/24/2000 thru 11/30/2000.

Now, lets create a Class setup record:

  1. Go to menu:5.2.Class Setup Procedure, and specify the current enrollment period.
  2. Enter 2111 as the Course Number, and 01 as the Section Number.

      NOTE: STUREC© only uses the Section Number to distinguish between multiple classes (instances) of the same Course. The actual value is arbitrarily assigned by you, and carries no intrinsic meaning.

  3. Press A to add this new class.
  4. Press [Enter] to skip the Alternate Schedule code.
  5. Set the meeting days to MTWR, and press [Enter].
  6. Set the start and end times to 09:00 AM and 10:00 AM, respectively.
  7. Enter an appropriate building and room.
  8. Enter the Instructor's name, and management group.
  9. Set the CREDIT value to 0.50
  10. This is not an Academic Component (of a Learning Block), nor an EXCEPTION class, but IS a TRADITIONAL one.
  11. Select an appropriate LIST CODE (use the ? to pick from a list). Or you may leave it blank.
  12. There are 15 teaching weeks, 1 hour/meeting, 60 total meetings, and 60 total course hours.
  13. The start and end dates are 08/24/00 and 11/30/00, respectively.
  14. Let's limit enrollment to 30 students.
  15. After verifying the enrollment period, and saving the new class, you are ready to enroll students.

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