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You don't even need a printer to print reports from STUREC(c). Just about every report available from STUREC© can be sent to a print file. When you setup to print a report, the last question you will be asked is "Output to the [P] Printer or a [F] File? (P/F)" Press the letter "F" and follow along below.

1. Enter a legal DOS file name (this means you can use a combination of up to eight letters or numbers to name this file). The STUREC program will add a three letter extension of .TXT on to your eight letter file name.

2. Once the text file is saved, you can choose to print this file immediately. The file is saved much faster than it takes to send to the printer.

  • When the report is finished, you will be asked "Would you like to print this <filename> now?" Answer yes and you will be asked "How many copies?" One will be fine, thank you. Then you will be asked "Send <filename> to Screen only, Printer only or Both?" To see the report on screen, press "S" and you'll see it right away. Press "P" and it will begin printing on the selected printer. If you press "B", what do you think you'll get?

4. If you want to look at or print a saved file, go to the main menu of STUREC© and press [ALT] + [P]. A "Text Files" box will pop up on the screen, showing you the names of the files you have saved to disk so far.

5. Highlight the name of the file you want to look at or print and press [+] to mark it (hint: you can mark several files and they will be printed in sequence). Press [Esc] when done selecting.

6. The message box will then ask if you want to see the file on the screen, print the file, or both [S/P/B]. If you choose [S], it will show you the file on the screen. This is a paper saver if you're just curious to see the look of a certain report.

If you select [P] or [B], you are asked to enter any delay factor for your printer. The delay factor is for those of you who have a computer that is faster than your printer.

If you have an older dot matrix printer, the computer might send information to the printer so fast that the printer starts going haywire. If this happens, you can enter a delay factor. Try entering 0.1 for the factor in the print buffer to start. The higher the number, the slower the data is sent to the printer. Experiment with different numbers to see if it helps your printouts.


If you choose to print the file, you can delete it by saying [Y] Yes to the question that asks whether you want to delete the file when it's done printing. If you don't want to delete the file after it's printed, say [N] No when the question prompts you. The file will remain on your \SR40 subdirectory until you erase it. You can look at the file and print it as many times as you want if you leave it in there. If you want to delete any of these files, go to the main menu and press [ALT] + [P]. Highlight the name and press the [DELETE] key.

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