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This new procedure for saving your valuable data files will first create a sub-directory beneath the directory where STUREC© is located, named "temp". Each time you execute this procedure, all of the data files in your active directory will be copied to the temp directory. This is safe and will even work on multi user systems while others are still using STUREC©. Next, the file in the temp directory will be compressed with the PkZip compression algorithm, then the compressed file will be checked for size, if it will fit on one 1.44mb floppy disk, you will be prompted to insert a diskette, if it is too large to fit on one diskette, you will be advised as to the number of diskettes you will need before proceeding.


First, go to Menu 7. Systems Utilities then select 3. System Parameters then select Define Backup Procedure. You will be offered the following options:

1. Zipped File w/Day

2. Zipped File w/Date

3. Locally Defined

If you select option 1, the compressed backup file will be named DATA plus the three letter day abbreviation. For example on Monday the file will be named on Wednesday the file will be named It would be safe to reuse these diskettes the following week on the same day for up to the length of a full semester (approx. 20 uses) then they should be retired and a fresh set of diskettes put into play.

If you select option 2, the compressed backup file will be named DATA plus the first four digits of the date. For example on Monday the second of February the file will be named and on April 19th the file will be named Disks using this naming convention cannot be reused, but disks are a lot cheaper than retyping the information and this method is the safest in the long run.

If you select option 3, you can name a locally defined backup procedure, such as for a tape backup device, DAT or some other type that you prefer to use.

Running this routine the first time

To run this new style backup routine go to Menu:7.8. Run Backup Procedure (Menu:7.5 in Arkansas STUREC). The first time you run this, if STUREC© cannot find the PKZIP.EXE and PKUNZIP.EXE files, you will be prompted to insert a recent STUREC© updated disk or any disk that may contain the shareware file PKZ204G.EXE. This file has been distributed with updates from MicroData for the last several years or you can go to pKware's website at and download a free copy.

After the pkzip files have been installed, STUREC© will double check the amount of free disk space available and calculate whether it can proceed safely. You will be shown your safety factor and be asked permission to proceed. The operation is in three steps.

In the first step, your data files are copied to a temporary directory, cleverly named "temp" beneath your normal working directory. Once this is safely accomplished, the files in the temp directory will be compressed with the PKZIP program. The file will be check for size. If it will fit on one diskette you will be notified and asked for a target diskette drive, either A or B.

The diskette will be checked for available space, if it is not empty you will be shown the files that are on the disk and asked if you still want to use the disk. If the file on the disk is last weeks backup for the same day, you can say Yes and reuse the disk, otherwise its probably best if you get a fresh disk.

When the operation is complete you will be shown the file on the diskette for verification. We hope that this routine will help you complete your backup duties more quickly and easily, but the responsibility is still yours.

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