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Function keys are shortcuts to other options in STUREC. To use these "Hot-Keys" hold down the key listed on the left then press the other key and release them both.

Here are the available keys:

[ALT] + [A]
- If you press these two keys at the main menu, the screen will change to the ASCII text editor. This is where you can write DOS batch files and read & alter your CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT files or open and edit any ASCII text file.
[ALT] + [F]
Available disk space. Displays information regarding your hard disk storage sub-system.
[ALT] + [H]
This combo will show you a pop up box full of "Hardware Statistics", or things you should know about your computer.
    Here is an example of what the pop up box has to offer:
  • System Type tells what kind of computer you have.
  • Display Type tells what kind of video board is in your computer.
  • Processor (CPU) tells what kind of computer you have
  • Math Processor tells whether you have a math coprocessor in your computer
  • DOS Version tells you what version of Disk Operating System you have in your computer
  • File Handlestells you how many files your computer can open at one time, based on what the Files= statement says in your computer's Config.sys file.
  • DOS Memory is the maximum DOS memory available to the operating system.
  • Free Memory is the total virtual memory available to STUREC.
  • Current Drive is the current DOS drive letter hosting STUREC.
  • Directory shows the subdirectory where the STUREC data files are kept.
  • Free Disk Space shows you how much space is left on your hard disk for file storage.
  • DOS Path (Also called the Search Path), this is the list of places where DOS will look for application programs and batch files.
[ALT] + [K]
- This key combination at the main menu allows you to temporarily change printer selections and edit the printer codes. When you leave STUREC, this information is not saved. For permanent changes to printer information and selection, go to main menu 7. STUREC System Utilities, 3. System Parameters, 2. Printer Management.
[ALT] + [L]
- Shows legal terms set up for the current academic year.
[ALT] + [M]
- This is a shortcut to the main menu from any menu. It saves having to press [ESC] several times to return to the main menu.
[ALT] + [N]
- This brings up the "Textnote Comments" box. You can write messages that will be seen by the next person to sign on to STURECİ. Network STUREC Users: This option is a good way to communicate a note to all of your users when they log on to STUREC.
[ALT] + [P]
- This is the printer queue (also known as the print buffer).
[ALT] + [Q]
- This is a quick way to leave the program. If you press these two keys anywhere in the program, it will quit and exit to DOS.
[ALT] + [R]
- This displays a pop-up calendar whenever you press this key combination from within the STUREC program.
[ALT] + [S]
- Pops up a box on the screen to tell you the date for FTE Age Calculations. This shows you what the cutoff birth date is for computing FTE age. Note: If a person turns 20 on September 1 of the current year, he/she is counted as over 20. Example: If the date for FTE age calculations is 09/01/97, and a student was born on 09/02/77, he/she would be counted as under 20.
[ALT] + [T]
- Pops up a digital clock to tell you what Time it is!
[ALT] + [W]
- Tells who wrote the STUREC Program, and how to contact them.
[ALT] + [Y]
- Lets you switch to another academic year in the program (if it has been created). Select the academic school year you wish to work with.
[ALT] + [Z]
- DOS Service. This option lets you do things like format a diskette by temporarily leaving STUREC. When you are finished, it returns you to STUREC. Press [ALT] + [Z] only from the main menu. Use in conjunction with DR.COM to copy, move, rename, delete files, etc.
[ALT] + [F1]
- This key combination pops up the list of function key macros that you created in main menu 7. STUREC System Utilities, 3. System Parameters, 7. Assign Function Key.
[ALT] + [F10]
- Pressing these keys at any time will "pop up" a basic, four function calculator. Before you enter any numbers, you can move the calculator. The four keys that will move the calculator around the screen are: [Home], [End], [PageUp] and [PageDown]. To multiply numbers, use the [*], to divide numbers, use the [/]. When entering numbers, you have to press [CR] after each entry. For example: 24 x 6 would be 24 [CR] * 6 [CR]. Press [E] to erase an entry or press [C] to clear the calculator's memory.
The calculator can be used just like a desktop adding machine, but with the added feature of being able to "paste" the results of any calculation into a numeric data input box. Press [ESC] to remove the calculator from the screen, then when you want the number that was in the calculator, press [CTRL] + [F10] to paste the number in the box.
- This hotkey will display important STUREC diagnostic information, including the STUREC build-date, your STUREC serial number, and the STUREC install location.

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