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Bob Campsmith STUREC© License (Support) for 2008-2009

Robert Campsmith, President, MicroData Systems, Ltd.

Well folks, it has happened again. First a few observations...

  • Our Legislators took another salary increase
  • The price of gasoline continues to rise
  • Real and Personal Property tax has risen another 12%
  • Local assessors just keep raising property values arbitrarily
  • S&P 500 isn't going up
  • Dow Jones is flat
  • NASDAQ is down to steady
  • Your FTE Funding has not increased
  • Interest on savings is really low 
  • College tuition is up another 5% - 15%
  • Communication costs have risen a little more
  • The Single Record Student Data (SRSD) is going to change. AGAIN!
  • The Michigan Adult Education Reporting System (MAERS) is evolving
  • STUREC© Annual License will remain the same for the fifth year in a row!

Facts of life happen. We want to continue to provide you with the best Pupil Accounting Software and continue to provide you with help and support that you need. In light of the continually downward trend in your real funding, we have decided to hold the line on our license fee again this year. As always, we are ready to help you with STUREC© questions as part of your license fee. We will be happy to help you with non STUREC© questions, but you will be charged for help that could be provided by your district.. 

We will be happy to make your SRSD or MAERS submission files for you, however, we will charge you a minimum of one hour for off-line data processing.

Here are our rates for the 2008-2009 school year.

Single User support $ 320.00 annual
Multi User Support $ 440.00 annual
Emergency Data Recovery $   80.00 per hour
On-Site Training $   75.00 per hour (incl. travel)
On-Line Assistance $   60.00 per hour 
Off-Line Data Processing $   80.00 per hour
Non-STUREC© Help $   60.00 per hour
On-Site Technical Support $   75.00 per hour (incl. travel)
Custom Programming Services $   90.00 per hour

As in the past, we will invoice your district the first time in a school year that someone from your district downloads an update or accesses our help-desk for 2008-2009 school year. If your district requires that you have a Purchase Order before you purchase a product or service, please bear this in mind. We would certainly appreciate it if these invoices for services or products you receive can be paid in a timely manner. Thanks.

MAERS Batch Transfer Service pricing as follows.

  • Newly created Enrollment records @ $ 1.00 each
  • Changed Enrollment records @ $ 0.50 each
  • New or Changed Outcomes records @ $ 0.50 each
  • New or Changed Assessment records @ $ 0.50 each
  • Errors caused by you that you could have corrected @ $ 0.25 each.

Your district will be billed after each submission is accepted by MAERS. Terms are net 30 days. You may start batching for the 2008-09 school year by simply sending an email indicating that you want to participate in batch.

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