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Install STUREC© Sr03 on a stand-alone 
   Windows NT/2000/XP workstation

The procedure is fairly simple in concept, but the actual steps will vary according to your computing environment:

    1. Create a directory (folder) on the appropriate drive.
    2. Grant full read/write access to the appropriate users.
    3. Extract the STUREC© program files from the distribution archive to the directory created in step 1.
    4. Install the STUREC© registration (license) file to the directory created in step 1.
    5. Create and configure desktop shortcuts to the STUREC© program.

As previously mentioned, the above procedure may be implemented differently on different computers, so consider this scenario: you want to install STUREC© on the C drive, in a first-level folder (called Sturec). Never attempt to install STUREC© on a "root-level" either on a local computer or on a network volume.

Here is an expanded version of the above procedure:

1. Login to the computer as a user with Administrator privileges.

2. Open a DOS window (Click Start | Programs | Accessories | Command Prompt).

3. Type C:, and press [Enter]. Now type CD\, and press [Enter]. You should now be at the C:\ > prompt.

4. Type MD STUREC, and press [Enter] to create a directory called "STUREC".

5. Save the License file installer to the STUREC directory created in step 4. This is the file sent via e-mail by MicroData, along with                confirmation of your purchase. Its name is your LEA number with the extension of .EXE

6. Download the STUREC© Distribution Archive directly to the directory created in step 4.  

7. Download the pkZip® Archive Utility shareware distribution archive from our web-site, to the same folder.

8. Back at the DOS prompt (Start | Programs | Accessories | Command prompt), Type CD\STUREC, and press [Enter] to change to            the STUREC directory created in step 4.

9. Type PKZ204G, and press [Enter]. This will install the pkZip® backup utility.

10. Type SR03NEW, and press [Enter]. This will install the STUREC© program files. If asked permission to overwrite, answer Yes.

11. Now run the License installer file from step 5 by simply typing its name. This will install the STUREC© Registration License key. NOTE: For clarity, we use your 5-digit LEA number as the name of this self-extracting archive -- i.e. 62050.EXE

12. Type EDIT C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG.NT, and press [Enter]. This should open the file in a text-editor. Find the FILES=        setting (normally near the bottom of the file), and adjust the value to 101. Press [Alt-F], then [X] then [Y] to save the changes and close the editor.

13. Type EXIT, and press [Enter] to close the DOS prompt.

14. Open the C: drive in the Windows Explorer ( the My Computer desktop icon).

15. Open the STUREC folder in the C: drive.

16. Locate the icon for, Right-Click on it and select Send To.. | Desktop (Create Shortcut) from the pop-up menu. There will also be an item Sr03.exe, do not use that to create your shortcut. Use the one with .com extension. But, don't erase the .exe item.

17. Right-click on the newly created Shortcut to STUREC icon on your Desktop, and select Properties from the pop-up menu.

18. Select the Layout tab of the property sheet, and make sure that both the Screen Buffer Size, and Window Size are set to Height: 25 and Width: 80

...  On the Options tab under Display Options, you may choose either Window or Full screen to control how the program will be displayed upon startup.

19. If desired, on the Shortcut tab, click the Change Icon button to select a different graphic. We like the little red apple.

20. Click the OK button to save and apply your changes.

21. Installation is now complete. You must re-start your to activate the modified config statement.

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