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Moving STUREC© Sr03 to a new computer

Transferring STUREC to a different computer is a simple process, but if the new computer is not configured correctly, problems will crop up. Even if your new computer a Super-Duper Double Chrome plated Ball Bearing Whizzer on loan from NASA, you must follow the instructions provided in our Installation Guide for STUREC©


The process consists of saving the data files from the old computer to diskette or an available network drive, installing STUREC© on the new computer and then recalling the saved data from the diskettes (or the network location) to the new computer and making sure that the new computer is configured correctly to run STUREC©.  On the new computer you are essentially installing STUREC© as a new program. You may want to see Installation Guide for STUREC©

These instructions are tailored for the competent single user, if you are moving to a local area network, the instructions are essentially the same, but PLEASE create a first-level directory to contain the STUREC© software and data files. Each workstation that may access the STUREC© software must have local file handles set to no less than 101 (please use an odd number). 


On the Old computer...

Insert a fresh blank disk, and start STUREC©. Go to menu:7.3.9 Define Backup Procedure, and select option 2. Zipped file w/DATE (make sure you select the correct floppy drive). Press [Esc] to return to the Utilities menu, and do option 8. Run Backup Procedure. If you intend to save the backup file to a network volume, press Escape when asked to verify the "target drive". Then go to DOS and copy the backup file by hand. The backup file will be named C:\...\temp\DATA0000.ZIP where the zeroes will be the month and day, example DATA0412.ZIP for April 12.

After the backup has finished, leave the disk in the drive, and press [Alt-Z] to get the DOS Service line at the bottom of your screen. Type COPY <00000.EXE> A:, (where the zeros will be your LEA number) and press [Enter].  Press [Esc] to close the DOS Service line. Remove the disk and label it "Backup".

On the New computer...

Click on this document to get the Installation Guide for STUREC© for installing STUREC© on your new system, then return here.

Once STUREC© has been successfully installed, but before you actually run the program for the first time you need to recover the data from the old computer.

Run a DOS session. Either (Click Start | Programs | MS-DOS Prompt) on Windows'98 or (Click Start | Programs | Accessories | Command Prompt) on XP.

Type the drive letter followed by a colon and [Enter] of the drive on which you installed STUREC©. Type CD\Sturec and [Enter] to change to the Sturec folder.

Now insert the diskette labeled "backup" and type COPY A:00000.EXE (where the zeros will be your LEA number) and press [Enter], this will copy the "Registration Mark" file to your new computer. If your backup produced more than one diskette, use the last one.

Type the five digits of your LEA number to install the registration file.

Type PKUNZIP A:DATA0000 (where the zeroes will be the month and day of your backup) and press [Enter] to restore your data files.

From now on all you have to do to run STUREC© is to Double click on the new icon you created during the installation process. If all went according to plan, STUREC© will start and immediately begin the indexing process. Once started, the first thing you should do is run the backup procedure Menu:7.7. to create an initial backup on this new computer. Do not re-use or throw away the backup you recently made on your old computer, you never know!

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