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MSDS: Fixing your End of Year default error

Quick lesson on how to recover from your error of telling STUREC(c) to go ahead and 'Default' end of year exit codes for any students who where not already exited.  This could cause surprises when you visited the Student Data Screen and see exit codes for students you knew you did not exit -- but wanted to blame it on STUREC(c).

The state requires that all student records have an End of Year status as part of the data you submit - at the end of the year.  This automagical feature was put in the program to help those who did not want to have to visit each student record individually to input the appropriate End of Year status code.  It is found at the beginning of the process to Create a New Worktable for the End of the Year.

Step 0 -- Make a fresh backup right now!

What this procedure will do is find all of the year 14-15 cycle 3/EOY MSDS records and remove ALL codes and dates that were entered.  This means that legitimate exit codes will be wiped out also.  You decide whether this course of action will help you more than going into each student record and adjusting/correcting the Exit Status and Exit Date for all registered students.  The data you need to check on is found in the MSDS Menu under the E.Enroll/Exit/Residency panel.

First step, go to Menu:7.4.8.

Step 2: After you read the red message/warning box just press <space> to continue and select the file "srstuy" from the list.

Step 3: From this next menu, select item number 7. Advanced "WITH" & "FOR"

Step 4: Now you should scroll down the list of data elements and select EXITSTAT from the list.

Step 5: Press the Enter key and you will see this dialog...

Step 6: In the WITH line simply type a pair of double quote marks and press Enter to move to the next line.
For the FOR line, type exactly
      ENRTYPE = "14-15" .AND. EXITTYPE = "EOY" 
then press the Enter key

Step 7: Now you can go ahead and answer Yes to the proceed question and STUREC(c) will perform this action on your database.
When that finishes, you will see the data element selection list again, select EXITDATE this time 

Step 8: Press the Enter key and perform steps 5 and 6 again.

When you press Escape to indicate that you are finished with this process, STURE(c) will run the indexer.

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