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MicroData Systems, Ltd. is reccomending a new suite of routine File Maintenence procedures to keep your STUREC© database in tip-top condition.

We recommend that you perform the following steps before creating a new enrollment period or new academic year.

  1. Perform a compressed backup to a fresh diskette. Select Menu: File w/Date then perform Menu:7.8.Run Backup Procedure. Mark this disk (or disks) with the date and "Before File Repair".

  2. Perform the new file maintenence and repair function at Menu:7.4.2.Check for Trash Records. This will attempt to locate and repair corruption in your data files. File corruption is commonly caused by a problem with the hard disk that causes the computer's (and/or network) Operating System to arbitrarily mark one or more physical locations as being used by more than one file -- a situation also known as 'cross-linking'. Tools like MicroSoft's SCANDISK© (it comes with DOS/Windows®) should also be used regularly to help catch (and even prevent!) and repair cross-linked files.

  3. Now perform another compresses backup to diskette and label it with the date and "After File Repair". Put both properly labeled sets of diskettes in a safe place, preferably off-campus or in a fire-save vault.

  4. Select Menu: File w/Day for your regular daily backups.

If you perform these three steps before starting a new enrollment period as we suggest, you should not experience any disk related structural problems in your database, but if something does happen, you can be confident that in the worst case you can restore your database to the condition it was in at the begining of the enrollment period.

Don't forget that it is still very important to do menu 7.8. Run Backup Procedure every workday!

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