Printing from STUREC© to any Windows Printer

After scouring the Internet, we've found a great little shareware utility to enable STUREC© to print directly to any installed Windows printer drivers. Using this utility, called DOSPrinter, will all but completely eliminate printing problems. Just follow this illustrated guide to get started...

The first step is to download DOSPrinter. Our Downloads page has a link to the DOSPrinter website, as shown here:

After reading about the shareware licensing terms, click the Download DOSPrinter link.
Your browser may display a dialog like the one below. Click the Save button to begin the actual download.
When the standard Save as dialog appears, make sure the Save in location is where STUREC© is installed (i.e. C:\SR40). If you are not sure of the correct path, then start STUREC© and press [Alt-V] from the main menu and note the Default Directory.
Once the download is complete, start STUREC© and go to menu:7.4.4. Direct File Access. Select item 7. UnZip a file.
Because STUREC© does not fully support long filenames, the file may be listed as DOSPRI~1.ZIP. Highlite this file, then press [Enter].
STUREC© will then list the contents of (see below). Of the five files listed, only DOSPrinter.exe is required for proper operation, however, we strongly recomment you simply press [Esc] to extract all files, then use [Alt-P] to view the license.txt file.
Now that the DOSPrinter utility is installed, we need to configure STUREC© to use it. Go to menu: External Interface, and answer [Y] to enable the external interface.

The Solid Lines setting tells the utility weather or not to convert strings of dashes and equal signs into smooth/solid singal or double lines. The Show Print Dlg setting, when set to [YES], will cause DOSPrinter to display a printer selection dialog every time you print, setting to [NO] will allow you to specify which printer to use for all print jobs.
With the DOSPrinter interface enabled, all printouts will be automatically sent to a file, after which you will have the opportunity to view the file on-screen, and from there send it to the selected printer.

If your computer is running Windows 2000/XP, you will also need to install the STUREC© Utilities for Windows 2000/XP.

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